About Irene Zabelin

I am an experienced graphic designer capable of providing both a creative and analytical approach to projects from concept to completion. Well versed in print and digital media, I find delight in providing thoughtful and unique solutions for the advancement of projects and campaigns. Since earning my Bachelor’s Degree nine years ago, I have worked on the corporate, agency, freelance and print production sides of the business.

Values and Influences

My personal values, passion and creativity influence every project I take on. Plus, I’m lots of fun to work with! As I was finishing high school Rick Poynor published the First Things First 2000 manifesto. It urged designers to use their skills to improve the world around them rather than to focus on marketing alone. Reading this impacted my decision to pursue an education in graphic design and carry the focus on the community and our environment into my professional career.

When I’m not designing you might find me relaxing with my husband, on a trail, gardening or painting.